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Pros and Cons of Standardizing Scrub Colors by Department

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Scrubs which were initially worn only in the surgical department for sterility are now a required uniform in most hospitals. Their use spread to other departments to reduce the spread of germs. But with the advent of decorative and brightly colored scrubs employees began wearing their own scrubs in to the hospital defeating the purpose of the “clean” uniform. Thus hospitals now issue their own scrubs kept at the hospital where employees are required to change on arrival and departure.

Many hospitals have also returned to a color coded nursing scrubs system with certain colors worn based on your position as a nurse or physician while others have a certain color for each department independent of position. This division is helpful to the patients as long as they are given instruction on the color coding or it is posted in their room. It helps the patient understand who they are talking to and what department they are in.

The color coordination is beneficial to staff when someone consults them in the hall they know immediately where the person works or what they do. There are many non-medical employees wearing scrub tops and bottoms such as the janitorial or food service and color schemes ensure they are recognized by hospital staff and not asked to do patient care. It allows employees to be easily spotted when they are in an area off limits to them.

The drawback to the mandatory color scheme is the divisiveness it can create between nurses and physicians wearing different colors in the same department. For a more cohesive team it may be best to have one color scheme across an entire department. Some employees feel it lowers morale when they are not allowed to have any individuality and some hospitals have accommodated by allowing personal scrubs to be worn on certain holidays. For more information on types of discount scrubs, visit Quality Scrub Set.

Why Some Hospitals Ban Printed Nursing Scrubs

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Hospitals have come a long way from the tradition of starched white nurses’ uniforms, gradually becoming a sea of colorful, brightly printed scrubs that loudly proclaim each passing season and holiday. Not every institution agrees that these vibrant outfits are the best way to project professionalism and inspire patient confidence, and many are taking the step of instituting dress codes that require health care professionals to wear specific, plainly colored uniforms. A typical uniform for nurses might be black or navy pants and white scrub tops. In addition to more streamlined attire, some hospitals are requiring that nurses wear lab coats identifying their profession. Research has shown improved nurse and patient satisfaction with this new trend.

Various positions, such as nursing, dietary and housekeeping, are each assigned a specific color. By identifying staff in this manner, patients can more easily identify whether a nurse, physician’s assistant or nurse’s aide is entering the room, which has been found to be reassuring during a hospital stay.

Plain, smart uniforms project a professional image, which inspires patient confidence. More than one patient has remarked that sometimes it’s hard to take a worker in cartoon scrubs very seriously. Nurses and other health care professionals have gone through rigorous education and training, and deserve to look the part.

Many nurses, even if they balked at new restrictions on attire at first, have come to appreciate a plain black and white or blue and white uniform specification. Limited choices make it more inexpensive to maintain a work wardrobe, as there needn’t be a different outfit for each day and one can buy bulk discount scrubs. Some hospitals even launder scrubs, which is only possible if colors are uniform. Laundering scrubs on site also eliminates staff bringing potentially dangerous germs home.

There is certainly room for exceptions to this type of dress code. Nurses working with children, some mental health patients, and the elderly may find more cheerful printed scrubs to have a positive effect on their patients; and some hospitals are allowing staff in these areas a more relaxed dress code. For kids especially, the reassuring bright colors and familiar cartoon characters may take away some of the apprehension caused by being in the hospital. To learn more about wholesale scrubs, visit Quality Scrub Set.

The Best Shoes for Medical Use

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In such a fast paced industry as the medical field, nurses and doctors rely heavily on their feet to carry them through the day. Since comfortable and reliable footwear is an essential part of their uniform, one question is asked by health care professionals repeatedly: Which footwear is the best choice? The benefits a shoe should provide for the individual are very important. For example, slip resistance and shock absorbency are a must have in this field.

Putting aside the factor of any health problems individual health care professionals may have themselves, such as plantar fasciitis or back injuries, nurses and doctors have a variety of different shoe types they usually choose. Leather shoes with laces for a more sneaker-like look can be found with rubber soles and removable foot beds to allow room for custom orthotics. They can even be purchased with extra features such as extra shock absorbing materials and odor absorbing lining. Although these shoes can provide a more tailored look, the price can get pretty high for all the added features.

Most health care providers would prefer a shoe they can easily slip on and not worry about scuffing the expensive leather while focusing on their work. A shoe that has all of these "extra" features built into it already, that is affordable and looks good would be a better option. The strapped clog style of shoe has become a very popular choice and for the medical field worker it just makes sense. They usually are made of a closed-cell resin that is designed to hug the sole of the foot and make a supported, sure fit. This material is also extremely light weight and absorbs shock. These comfortable shoes are odor resistant, provide superior grip and are non-marking. The look of these shoes can take a while to get used to, but after working a long day and your feet still feel great that will soon be a forgotten issue. Many color options are also available for the more fashion minded individual. Clogs also look great with scrub tops and bottoms. To learn more about clogs and discount scrubs, visit Quality Scrub Set.


Why do Medical Professionals Wear Scrubs?

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Every time you enter a hospital, doctor's office or other medical establishment, it is common to see medical professionals wearing scrubs. They serve a number of essential functions for these professionals, including comfort, saving them money and for cleanliness purposes. Their ability to do this is due to their design and the materials from which they are made.

Comfort and Ease of Movement
Scrubs are designed to give the wearer ample freedom of movement, a loose fit and maximum comfort. This is very important for medical professionals, who often have to work with patients in a very physical manner. These can include lifting patients, moving them and having to bend over frequently. Discount scrubs must also be comfortable to wear as most medical workers may have long work shifts.

When working in an emergency room, doctor's office or in a laboratory, a medical worker may have body fluids or chemicals spill on clothing. Often, this can cause permanent stains on the cloth. Cheap scrubs are made to be affordable to buy and to replace, which saves the worker a lot of money on clothing expenses.

This is also important when the worker has to buy several sets to wear over the course of a work week. They are available in various colors and cuts to match work requirements or an individual's personal taste. Scrubs are also extremely durable, being designed to handle the rough abuse that comes with dealing with patients and handling various equipment.

Cleanliness is an important part of working in a medical and facility. The material scrubs are made from can be cleaned very easily. The way in which the material is shaped makes it harder for dirt to get trapped on the clothing. This prevents the worker from bringing in dirt and other unclean debris to the facility when coming on shift.

With all of these advantages, it is clear why medical professionals prefer this type of attire. They are able to look professional, do their jobs with more efficiency and save money on clothing. To learn more about nurse scrubs and scrub tops, visit Quality Scrub Set.


What To Look For In Nursing Scrubs

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Nursing scrubs are a necessity for every nurse, regardless of career specialty or place of employment. Some nurses prefer to buy solid color scrubs, while others choose scrubs with cartoon characters or holiday themes. Whether you purchase your own nurse scrubs or not it's important to get quality clothing that will be durable and comfortable. No matter what your budget, there are a number of things to look for in nursing scrub sets to make sure you aren't wasting your money. Here are some important qualities to shop for when buying a new set of scrubs.

1. Style
For many people, the style of the scrubs is the most important quality. Keep in mind style does not matter much, however, when the durability is low and the cost is high. Still, selecting a style of scrubs is the best part of the process. There are virtually unlimited colors and patterns available today, including Halloween and Easter themes, baby-themed scrubs for maternity wards and cartoon characters for nurses that will deal with children. Nurses that want a more professional or streamlined appearance can also buy scrubs in basic grey, black, maroon and other solid colors.

2. Durability
Nursing scrubs are really an investment because they will be worn every day you work and subjected to a lot of use. No one wants to waste their money on something that will wear out within a couple of months. Ensuring that your scrubs are durable will allow you to work without worrying about having to be careful with your clothing or replacing them constantly.

3. Cost
Of course, cost is a very important quality in a good set of nursing scrubs. Cheap scrubs may seem like a good option at first, especially for nurses that are just getting started. If possible, select a mid-range quality set of nursing scrubs when shopping for low-cost nursing sets.

To view the latest scrub offerings and to find the wholesale scrubs that bests suits your needs, visit Quality Scrub Set.


Types of Nursing Scrub Tops

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Scrubs have long been the appropriate uniform for medical and nursing professionals, and while there are some specific qualities that are characteristic of scrub uniforms there is more variety in nursing scrubs than many people realize. A typical modern scrub uniform is a short-sleeve shirt and long, loose-fitting pants. Beyond those specifications, there are a number of different kinds of scrub tops that can be worn in a hospital setting. Many of these are available online through Quality Scrub Set.

One-Pocket Top
A one-pocket nursing scrub top is exactly what it sounds like it is: a short-sleeve scrub top with one breast pocket. These tops pull on just as easily as any shirt and are loose-fitting and comfortable. They come in a variety of sizes and colors including pink, jade, navy blue, royal blue, light blue, brown and black. The sizes available through Quality Scrub Set range from small to 3XL.

Contrast Mock Top
Contrast mock tops are two-tone mock wraps. They have two front pockets towards the bottom of the shirt and an adjustable tie back. As the name suggests, the contrast mock top consists of one main color with a contrasting trim. They come in many colors such as navy blue, purple, hot pink, royal blue, lilac, white and brown. The sizes range from extra small to 2XL.

Three-Pocket Top
The three-pocket scrub tops are similar to the one-pocket tops, except they have two pockets towards the bottom of the shirts in addition to the breast pocket. These tops are available in teal, hunter green, black, navy blue, ceil blue, grey, royal blue and khaki colors. The available sizes range from extra small to 2XL.

Wrangler Top
The wrangler scrub tops are characterized by the contrast stitching on the two lower pockets and side slits for easy movement and comfort. They are available in navy blue, pink, hot pink, grey, royal blue and black. The sizes range from extra small to 2XL.

You can find all of these scrub tops and other discount scrubs at Quality Scrub Set.


The History of Nursing Scrubs

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Scrubs are uniforms that nurses, doctors and other hospital personnel wear in the operating room. Over the past century, the uniform went through many changes, as advances in surgical procedures started to emphasize cleanliness as a way to prevent the spreading of diseases. Today, medical professionals are required to wear scrubs not only in the operating room, but also in other areas of the hospital. However, wearing scrubs to keep the hospital environment clean was not always part of the protocol.

Although nurses had been required to wear uniforms for a long time, operating surgeons did not adopt the practice until the mid-20th century. Indeed, surgeons would wear their street clothes to operate on patients and surgeries usually took place in a theater to allow others to watch. Surgeons regularly used their bare hands to operate in an environment that was exposed, using instruments that were not sterile. The success of the surgeons was often measured by the amount of blood and other fluids found on his or her clothes.

In the 1920s, the medical profession had started focusing on Joseph Lister's work, which introduced antiseptic surgery and emphasized the need for doctors to sterilize the operating room as well as instruments and supplies to protect the patient and avoid any type of contamination. Lister's theory profoundly transformed the medical profession as surgeons and other medical professionals reluctantly adopted a strict surgery procedure to maintain a sterile environment. Surgeons also began to wear uniforms and masks.

Initially, uniforms used in surgery were white to stress cleanliness, but they were quickly replaced by green and called "surgical green" and were worn in a "scrubbed" environment, taking their contemporary name: scrubs. Nowadays, nurse scrubs are not only the standard uniform for nurses, doctors and other professionals in dental and medical practices, they are also stylish and comfortable to wear. Scrubs usually consist of pants and short-sleeve shirts. In addition, non-operating doctors tend to wear a white coat over their own clothes. Scrubs used in surgeries are almost always of a green-blue shade while some hospitals choose different colors to differentiate between departments.

Historically, scrubs were introduced to emphasize cleanliness, but today, they are an integral part of the appearance of medical professionals. To learn more about discount scrubs or nurse scrubs visit Quality Scrub Set.